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A great podcast coming up where I talk with Paul Bennett. Paul served for 20 years in the Royal Navy and transitioned into a 20 years career in corporate education which led him into his current role as Director of enterprise at Southampton University Business School.

We cover the topic on ‘Leading Others’ and more specifically:

•Leading Others is still the hardest part of the job.

•People make or break an organisation.

•What type of people you want to have is one of the greatest challenge.

•Scaling a business needs to have people from all different walks and backgrounds.

•How to manage stress and lead others effectively.

The full interview will be on the L.O.S Podcast on
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We all have fear, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of height, fear of public speaking but when fear stops you from trying anything else then you have a problem.

The problem becomes more apparent in time of a career change specially when you have dependant or peer pressure. I looked for a replacement money when i took my lorry driving job and if you let fear control you, you end up in a cage.

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