The Leavers to Leaders Awards (LTL Awards) recognise foreign and commonwealth citizens living in England, Wales, Scotland & the wider commonwealth who positively influence others, inspire their peers, and impact their communities.

The Military Leavers To Leaders Award occurs in England, Wales & Scotland during the LTL Conference. This award is for former military personnel who have successfully transitioned and positively impacted their organisations.

Samuel T. Reddy stated: “Having successfully engaged and transitioned from the military to become an entrepreneur and beyond, I believe everyone has influence, but most importantly I believe service Leavers are the future Leaders and service personnel have all the skills and attitude they need to strive in a world with constant disruption & dislocation. As part of the LTL Conference, the Leavers To Leaders Award is to spotlight those who have successfully transitioned from the military and positively impacting organisations. The winners get to join the Leavers To Leaders conference in November to represent their companies because serving does not have to stop. “

The Current Winners For Military LTL awards 2020 are :

  • Paul Taylor – Re:act Disaster Response Winner
  • Vincent Baldry – Brightlink Learning Silver
  • Maria Lewis Age – Connects Morgannwg Bronze
  • Aimee Bunyan – JP Morgan Winner
  • Laurence Moore – Normad CIC Project RECCE Silver
  • John Stephenson – The Forces Transition Group Bronze

The Leavers To Leaders Award 2022 is taking place in England , Wales & Scotland:

England- Village Hotel Portsmouth on the 7th of September 2022

Wales- Village Hotel on the 30th June 2022

Scotland- Village Hotel on the 27th of April 2022

You will hear the winners at the LTL Conference 2023, where industry experts from the military share their leadership transition on the 2nd of February 2023 (Venue TBC).

You can read about the LTL Conference 2022 here: L2L 2022

For more details on how to become a sponsor of this award in England, Wales, Scotland and Mauritius, email for a pack.