I am passionate about seeing the best in leaders. I am a multi award winning veteran & an international best selling author. Mauritian born, in the last 20 years, I have successfully engaged and transitoned across government, military, business and the 3rd sector to become an entrepreneur and beyond. As a citizen of two commonwealth nations made me realise the importance of creating lasting value where success is about significance. I believe leaders need impactful learning to enrich their lives, which is a largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance.
Now i am ready to put my considerable focus on a new mission:
“to elevate the lives of thousands of others who are frustrated, undervalued & overlooked in the workplace.”
As the CEO of TriAtis Leadership, my aim is to shape the next generation of leaders by teaching thought provoking perspectives on the ‘7 steps to reinvent yourself ‘ and disrupt the traditional approach to a career ladder.
I am also the founder of TriExForces group, author of Leavers To Leaders & creator of the ‘Leader’s Operating System‘.
As an multi award winning British ExForces, I Founded TriExForces in 2014 prior after a successful business transition from the health & social care industry. In 2018, I became the CEO of TriAtis Leadership, a learning and development organisation specialising in developing career leaders who become Relevant, Highly Valuable and Impact organisations.
I’m an internationl bestselling author of Leaders To Leaders – 7 steps to reinvent yourself while in transition and become a leader in your industry. The LOS Cast is My monthly conversation with thought leaders & industry experts from the three main generations ( Baby boomers, Echo boomers & Millenials ) how to lead oneself, lead others and the organisation in a digital age.
My book Leavers to Leaders is for those who want to reinvent themselves due to change in the workplace, or who want to build a new career as a leader. The seven steps methodology highlights the Leader’s Operating System (L.O.S.) to ensure that you: stand out, become visible and highly valued.

This book shows you how to:

  • Shift your mindset to see opportunities around you.
  • Use your current network to build your new career.
  • Better lead others by understanding multi-generational staff.
  • Lead your organisation effectively to drive change and results in a digital age.
I now reside in Hampshire, UK with my wife and my three daughters.
If you would like to be my guest, please email me at hello@samueltreddy.com.
Our brands:
Runs amazing workshops for business leaders onboard various cruise ships & tropical places around the world.
Is a seven steps methodology for you to reinvent yourself. Are you ready to leave and start leading? Take the test : http://l2lscorecard.com
A learning and development organisation, specialising in developing leaders who become relevant, highly valued and impact organisations.
My personel website with interviews, blogs and podcast on the future of work, workforce and workplace.
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