The Leavers To Leaders global summit is 3 impactful days for leaders, entrepreneurs, business influencers executives and professionals and by invitation only.


The 3LOS Of Leadership Workshop
The Leavers To Leaders Conference
The Leadership Debate
The Global Business Development Workshop

Day 1-The 3LOS Leadership Workshop

This workshop gives you the tools and insights to accelerate your personal & professional development.
-Leading Oneself-
We live in a world where everything is possible, and it`s up to you to keep yourself engaged and productive during a work life that may span some 50 years. To do these things well, you`ll need to cultivate a deep understanding of yourself. What are your most valuable strenghts and most dangerous weaknesses? Equally important, how do you learn and work with others? What are your most deeply held values?

The 6 levels of leading Oneself effectively as a time poor executive using the military mindset. Followed by an interactive session. This session is clear: Only when you operate from a combination of your strenghts and self-knowledge can yiu achieve true- and lasting – excellence.
-Leading Others-Leading multi generational organisations, how do leaders maximise the potential of the current generational cohorts in the workplace?

Day 2-The Leavers To Leaders Conference

Participants will be VIPs to this conference on the 29th of April with a team of International Keynote speakers from academics, thought leaders & industry experts is for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and people from all walks of life to make a positive difference through actions to not only better lead Oneself, but also lead Others- and make meaningful impact to Organisations. Two participants will be selected to join the leadership debate panel.

The Leadership Debate

Followed by the Leadership debate with a panel of speakers comprising a powerful mix of entrepreneurs, business influencers and
decision makers across a wide range of sectors to exchange ideas on some of the most crucial questions on leadership in a time of disruption & dislocation.

The Global Business Workshop

What does brexit means for Mauritius? How do you plan and execute a Global business in a digital world. This workshop is for business / entrepreneur only.

Day 3-Leading Organisations

This interactive case study will explore how collaborative approach could have prevented a different outcome to the Harvard business school multi media case study:
Columbia Space Mission. Participants will be running the command centre of this special mission.

The Host
Leavers To Leaders Global Summit is presented by Samuel T. Reddy. Mauritian born, Samuel is passionate about seeing the best in leaders. He is a multi award winning British ExForces, best selling author and CEO of TriAtis Leadership, a learning and development organisation established in the UK. In the last 20 years, Samuel has served with some of the highest military Leaders in the UK & US, work alongside some of the top CEOs and engaged with most influencial 8 figure Entrepreneurs to become an impact entrepreneur and beyond. He believes Leaders need impactful learning with experience that will allow them to become relevant, rigorous & responsive.

” As a citizen of two commonwealth nations made me realise the importance of creating lasting value where success is about significance “.

The Summit is accredited for CPD & MQA by University of Southampton Business School with delegates from 12 countries. This workshop is limited to one representative per company/organisation. Register your interest and the host team will be in touch with you. A full brochure is available to all participant before registration, website coming soon at