TriAtis Global Leadership has a 10-year vision –The TriAtis Way 2030: A beacon of education excellence, sustainability and leadership development- that is all about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to prepare the next generations of leaders.  Part of our strategy is embedding the SDG 4 across all our training platforms, including and in particular our workshop in not just the formal training programme but the informal and leadership development accelerators for senior & middle management. This has been supported through a strong commitment from the top, and passion and energy of Samuel T. Reddy, CEO of TriAtis Global Leadership

Samuel is a multi award winning member of the British ExForces, an International Bestselling author of the book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached an Amazon #l bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. As an inspirational Keynote Speaker, he usually talks on various topics including the ‘3 L.O.S of Leadership’ & the’Leaders Operating System’. Born in Mauritius, Samuel grew up during a time of sugar cane plantation from a working class family and speaks English, Creole and fluent French. Samuel used his passion to reinvent himself and continuously improve his transitional journey. Now he’s ready to put his considerable focus on a new mission: to elevate the lives of thousands of others who are frustrated, undervalued and overlooked.

Introduce your approach to integrating SDG 4 into leadership?

TriAtis Global Leadership is adopting an early signatory to developing leaders at every stage of their lifestyle which is part of the Leaders Operating System (L.O.S). The close alignment of the L.O.S with TriAtis mission and values plays a central role in our training, research and partnership policies and strategies. Our 2020-2030 strategic plan sets out who we are and where we are going in the context of the big changes and challenges facing leaders and is shaped by the most urgent problems facing humankind as set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals – issues such as ensuring quality education for all, access to primary & secondary education, early childhood development, relevant skills for decent work, gender equality and inclusion, universal youth and adult literacy and educating our youth for sustainable development and global citizenship.

How did you develop this strategy?

We worked with various organisations in the UK from military, police , universities and the NHS to develop leaders during their leadership transition for sustainability (LTS-UK) under our accelerators. But in 2018 the 12 big companies in the world including the top 3, Apple, Amazon & Google announced that they will no longer require employees to have a college degree. That is because the new digital world we are now experiencing with COVID 19 is fast speeding and formal education is not able to keep up with it. There is absolutely no guarantee that a university degree will give you a good, well paid job, but yet many parents are still telling their children to ‘go to school, work hard and get a degree’. It has become very clear that our future leaders need to be more creative, have the ability to think critically to solve problems and become more confident in their approach to life.

The SugarCane Boy Book Club

Our CPC model is designed to have this in mind, and this is why we are on a mission to support as many children to join ‘The SugarCane Boy BookClub’, we call it the TriAtis Way. We now putting teams in place to deliver our accelerators to young children in a fun and enjoyable way.

The SCB Book Club Team

What’s next?  Over the next few weeks, responding to Covid change, we are focusing on leadership & career transition across many areas in Mauritius. People have now suddenly come to realise a job is not for life and in a changing world you have to continuously reinvent yourself to be ahead of the game. So each time an individual or a corporate buys our products and services, they are also enabling us on our mission to improve youth literacy in Mauritius, specially for the underprivileged.

Who can join?  

  1. Locals who want a change in their community.
  2. Individuals who want to make a meaningful impact.
  3. Corporates who want to give back.

In return they will be invited to participate in the Leavers To Leaders Accelerators so they can become relevant, rigorous and responsive.

How to join? Simply take our leadership influence scorecard where you have 35 questions and you will get a 4 pages customised report based on your answers and a member of my team will be in touch. For corporates email for a partnership pack.