When an Admiral shakes your hand and presents you with this coin, you know the team have done a good job. This would not have been possible without the support of Paul Barringer, Dave Allen, Tony Lawman & Andy Lai and many others.

Last 5 days has been a great honour for me to be working with Rear Admiral Gene Black Commander Strike Group Eight during his visit in UK onboard USS Harry S Truman. A reminder for me of the life at sea on a ‘grey ship’ in contrast to a ‘cruise ship’!

I look forward having him as one of my keynote speakers at our LOS summit in 2020 for senior leaders & business owners.

Listening to Others is a vital skill for a leader in business and organisations specially when you have to lead over 5000 troops at sea and command a fleet of vessel.


People tell you what you want to hear not what you need to hear.
~Admiral Gene Black Commander of Strike Group Eight~

We also talked on the 3LOS of Leadership which is our main focus at www.TriExForces.com

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