Platinum Quote for May

Submitted by Emmanual Gerald Sydney

“An Army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an Army of lions led by a sheep”~ Myles Munroe

I’m really humble and privileged of being a student of Dr Myles Munroe, i’m still learning from this great teacher and world impacting leader, he’s no more on this earth but his legacy is being passed on to the next generation in so many countries.
‘Leading ONESELF’ i call it ‘Personal Leadership’,
Every person on earth is designed to dominate and is born to be a leader. Not over people, but in an area of Gifting.
Nowadays we’ve got lot of Dictators and few True leaders. Their way of thinking so different…

Dictators employ people, True leaders deploy people.
Dictators impose power, but True leaders seek to empower.
Dictators look for the next position, whereas True leaders invest in the next generation…

We must go against the norm, stop trying to be accepted by the system but start being exceptional, stop trying to fit in but stand out.