Today I had some time with General Sir Richard Barrons KBE CBE. He talked about :

Do company bosses need the warrior spirit? Can business leaders learn from the Military? General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE answered a lot of questions I had on leadership:
His first hand experiences and unstoppable curiosity/ innovation has promoted a lifelong study of the principles and practices of leadership.

Sir Richard is very much at the forefront of leadership thinking and has developed compelling, authentic and challenging ideas which are relevant
for any leader expected to deliver excellence in a volatile and uncertain environment.

He talked about the 6 features of leadership:
Will to succeed, Integrity, Small things matter, Owning the horizon, Be confident in what you do & Importance of protecting yourself- wellbeing.

And the 6 failures of leadership:
Control freak, lack of confidence to take advice, planning addiction, engage ineffectively, failure deflector & blaming others when things go wrong.

And finally he talked about the importance of reinventing yourself as a leader, specially with the rise of automation. #leadership #serviceleavers #BritishArmy #RoyalAirForce #royalmarine #RoyalNavy #military #transition

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