Being your best is about holding yourself to a higher standard and realising your full potential. We all have the need for belonging, and this need is met by pushing ourselves to a moderate level of achievement based on the society we live. Should we be letting other people set the pace for our success, or lack thereof?. Do you tend to base your own potential on the potential of the ‘the crowd’, and see those success as exceptions? Perhaps it is time to compare our potential and ability to the only person who really matters by leading ONESELF. 

There is nothing wrong with striving to become a better person. There are those who fear they will become one of those people who act like they are ‘too good’ for others , or have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. You are not , nor ever will be, better than any anyone else besides the person you are now. You will not only have a greater respect for all others, but  they will have a greater respect for you as well.

My 1st contact with the British military was at Strand career office in London and those three words from the British army have had such an impact on my life to date ‘Be The Best’. I recognised I have a long way to go and since then I have also realised that the next three words are also important ‘And Nothing Less’. 

Being your best and nothing less is a goal that should be at the top of your list, at home, with your loved ones, in the workplace & in the community. 

Change is inevitable, None more evident than change in oneself, your best today is not likely to be your best tomorrow. By aiming to be the best means you don’t wait around for something to fall into your lap, start the work now and figure out what your best needs to be.

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About Samuel T. Reddy

Samuel T. Reddy is passionate about seeing the best in leaders. He is a visionary global leader, leadership advisor, author, researcher and an impact enterpreneur based in the United Kingdom. Samuel is a multi award winning member of the British Armed Forces, an International Bestselling author of the book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached an Amazon #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. He is the CEO of TriAtis Global, a UK based international learning and development organisation specialising in career & leadership development in 3 continents to keep Leaders relevant, rigorous and responsive. He is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker on various topics including the ‘3 L.O.S of Leadership’ & the ‘Leaders Operating System’.

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