LOS Cast with Dr David Baxter on the impact of remote work on organisations.

A trend that has started a decade ago is remote working where professional has the freedom to have a flexible life. On the face of it the idea looks very relaxing but it comes with all sort of challenges. It can be frightening for some, stressful for others due to lack of communication, boredom, etc.

The LOS Cast, is a monthly conversation I have with industry experts and thought leaders on strategy, change and leadership.

In this episode:

This week on the LOS Cast , I am in conversation with Dr David Baxter, Associate Professor of Innovation at Southampton Business School on the impact of remote / telework on organisations and individuals.

In this talk you will learn:

• How does it impact organisations
• The human contact element of remote work
• Digital Nomad Visa for travelling work
• Recruitment platform for nomads
• The impact of gigs & freelance work
• Onboarding cost of recruitment to
• Holiday and remote working
• Ghost work in AI & Tech company
• The changing landscape of work with remote working
• The global recruitment benefit
• The value of getting people in the same location
• The Cabinet office guideline PAS 3000 for remote working.
• And finally the impact of tele /remote work on the individuals.. it is good or bad?

What the full video here:

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