For many, transitioning into the new year comes with resolutions. They’re easy to make, but hard to stick with.
Resolutions may include losing weight, trying to save more money, better sleep, exercising and getting up early.

However, you may also feel uncomfortable with your present situation at work, may be undervalued or overlooked. If so, I urge a new year’s resolution.

Take ownership of your career!

Transition is never easy, i know i have been there so many times in my life but here are a few tips:

1. Surround yourself with people who will support you.
2. Build your portfolio of network, not just linkedin but also offline. Study shows that most people find their next job within their network, from those who already know, like & trust them.
3. Plan a career that fits with your passion and gives you the work life balance.
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As a leader, ‘time’ is your most valuable asset in Leading Oneself. I’ve found by giving my time to Others gives me the mental break of a vacation. As the saying goes it is much better to give than to receive. Have a nice weekend!
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When an Admiral shakes your hand and presents you with this coin, you know the team have done a good job. This would not have been possible without the support of Paul Barringer, Dave Allen, Tony Lawman & Andy Lai and many others.

Last 5 days has been a great honour for me to be working with Rear Admiral Gene Black Commander Strike Group Eight during his visit in UK onboard USS Harry S Truman.

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A great podcast coming up where I talk with Paul Bennett. Paul served for 20 years in the Royal Navy and transitioned into a 20 years career in corporate education which led him into his current role as Director of enterprise at Southampton University Business School.

We cover the topic on ‘Leading Others’ and more specifically:

•Leading Others is still the hardest part of the job.

•People make or break an organisation.

•What type of people you want to have is one of the greatest challenge.

•Scaling a business needs to have people from all different walks and backgrounds.

•How to manage stress and lead others effectively.

The full interview will be on the L.O.S Podcast on
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