The world has changed, in the last ten years we have seen a shift in the work place. We see checkouts at the shops being automated, we have cars ready to be driverless, we have cashiers being replaced by machines, we have TV on demand and online accounting software. Five years ago the world was in a different place. The digital transformation is shaping our way of lives from banking to retail, to entertainment, to food services.

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Yes, your old job may have been your first field but it doesn’t have to be your last. Gone are the days where you had 1job for life. You studied, or you may have gotten your last position as a result of years of hard work. But you can have more than one dream. And it does not even have to be related to your previous one, specially in a digital world. Learn to reinvent yourself.
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For many, transitioning into the new year comes with resolutions. They’re easy to make, but hard to stick with.
Resolutions may include losing weight, trying to save more money, better sleep, exercising and getting up early.

However, you may also feel uncomfortable with your present situation at work, may be undervalued or overlooked. If so, I urge a new year’s resolution.

Take ownership of your career!

Transition is never easy, i know i have been there so many times in my life but here are a few tips:

1. Surround yourself with people who will support you.
2. Build your portfolio of network, not just linkedin but also offline. Study shows that most people find their next job within their network, from those who already know, like & trust them.
3. Plan a career that fits with your passion and gives you the work life balance.
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