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Always remember to put YOURSELF first even if it’s a quick walk on the beach or to the park.
For me I like to walk/run by the sea, the views in Southampton are not as nice as in Mauritius but It helps me relax, refocus & reenergise. You will be surprised at how these small moments add up to your wellbeing as a leader & specially as a leader in transition.
Steal just 1 or 2 hrs anytime you can to do the things you love. #leaders #transition #business #life #serviceleavers #wellness #wellbeing

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Career transition can be scary and I remember thinking very hard about leaving the Military. The fear of having to find a place to live, fear of looking for a new job in a new industry, (civvy) street. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Now I think of it, all those fears were in my head and i was caged by them. I still feel the same fear each time I venture into a new business. But I learnt to face the fear and do it anyway.

Fear can stop you to apply yourself, get out of your comfortable zone and be your very best.

What scares you the most about career transition? #leaders #serviceleavers #transition #business

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I have to admit I am not good at jigsaw puzzle, but I used to have a client with learning disabilities who was a champion at doing it, spending days & weeks completing it with the utmost patience. It was an art!

How much more important is it to have the final scene in mind specially if you are rebuilding a career?

A vision for a better more effective lifestyle is a good start as a leader.
#leadership #business #transition #serviceleavers

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Today I had some time with General Sir Richard Barons KBE CBE. He talked about :

Do company bosses need the warrior spirit? Can business leaders learn from the Military? General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE answered a lot of questions I had on leadership:
His first hand experiences and unstoppable curiosity/ innovation has promoted a lifelong study of the principles and practices of leadership.

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