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I have to admit I am not good at jigsaw puzzle, but I used to have a client with learning disabilities who was a champion at doing it, spending days & weeks completing it with the utmost patience. It was an art!

How much more important is it to have the final scene in mind specially if you are rebuilding a career?

A vision for a better more effective lifestyle is a good start as a leader.
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Today I had some time with General Sir Richard Barons KBE CBE. He talked about :

Do company bosses need the warrior spirit? Can business leaders learn from the Military? General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE answered a lot of questions I had on leadership:
His first hand experiences and unstoppable curiosity/ innovation has promoted a lifelong study of the principles and practices of leadership.

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In my experience, one of the secrets to getting comfortable being uncomfortable is plunge into the uncomfortable ; push, or be lucky enough to have someone push you, beyond your fears and your sense of limitations. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, I joined the British forces, overcoming my discomfort as I go along even now in business.
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