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We all have fear, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of height, fear of public speaking but when fear stops you from trying anything else then you have a problem.

The problem becomes more apparent in time of a career change specially when you have dependant or peer pressure. I looked for a replacement money when i took my lorry driving job and if you let fear control you, you end up in a cage.

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Being born in Mauritius, raised in London & made in the British armed forces, I have long experience with people from every part of the world with diverse background and the best environment to be in is: a triangle where you are in the middle of it. Surprisingly all three angles contribute to your wellbeing as a leader.

The three types of people you need in your life as a leader are :
People you can help
People who can help you
People you enjoy
What has been your experience?
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Sometimes because we don’t know everything, we limit ourselves. In 2014 I launched TriForceChauffeurs, i had no idea about the travel business but together with a team of former service personnel & former police officers we did our best. Two years later TriCruising Ltd was born, we still had to figure out about this new cruise business quickly and we still do our best.

“Don’t let what you cannot do right now get in the way of what you can do.
Continue to do what you do really well and then,
build on that.” –

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