Have you ever thought of buying a car and all of a sudden start seeing this specific make & model everywhere on the road? Chances are, they were always around you but you did not “see”, or at least did not notice, any. Why? Because you were not looking for this car. Opportunity is the same way. It is all around us, everyday of our lives.  Since most people are not looking for opportunity, they just don’t  “see” it. The key is to find opportunity and not wait for opportunity to find you.

To act on opportunity, you must be flexible, open minded, motivated, and willing to take risks. So who do you think will have more opportunity, the optimist, or the pessimist?

You must choose which opportunities you will take action on while passing on less promising opportunities. As an active opportunity seeker, this will be your most difficult task since letting go of a good opportunity is not easy. You need to balance out your opportunity and be decisive  on which ones you will pursue, which ones you will delegates, and which ones you will bypass.

So how do you find opportunity?

• Crisis, problems, setbacks, and challenges. Very often a set back is followed by two steps forward. It is these setbacks that allow us to grow by exposing us to opportunities that we just didn’t see before.

• Be attentive to the need of others. Think about it, how many of us actually have all our needs met?

• Something new. When there is a new business in town, chances are there is opportunity for those seeking employment and those selling business to business product & services. When a company releases a new product or services there are opportunities to market the product & services. Virtually anywhere something new is introduced, there is opportunity.

Opportunity is all around us. It is constantly knocking but most people just can’t hear it. Finding opportunity is a learned skill that can be developed with practice. The key is to always be looking. One particular black clowd over the UK at the moment is the “B” word and as a citizen of two commonwealth nations, I am actually looking forward to the “C” word. The commonwealth has 2.3 billions people and 53 countries. Imagine the impact of trading in this circle.

Action step:

Take some time to consciously looking for opportunity. Go about your average day, but always be thinking about opportunities in everything you do. This will take conscious effort at first, but with a little practice, it will become habit.

About me:

I am passionate about seeing the best in leaders. I am a multi award winning veteran & an international best selling author. Mauritian born, in the last 20 years, I have successfully engaged and transitoned across government, military, business and the 3rd sector to become an entrepreneur and beyond. As a citizen of two commonwealth nations made me realise the importance of creating lasting value where success is about significance. I believe leaders need impactful learning to enrich their lives, which is a largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance.

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About Samuel T. Reddy

Samuel T. Reddy is passionate about seeing the best in leaders. He is a visionary global leader, leadership advisor, author, researcher and an impact enterpreneur based in the United Kingdom. Samuel is a multi award winning member of the British Armed Forces, an International Bestselling author of the book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached an Amazon #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. He is the CEO of TriAtis Global, a UK based international learning and development organisation specialising in career & leadership development in 3 continents to keep Leaders relevant, rigorous and responsive. He is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker on various topics including the ‘3 L.O.S of Leadership’ & the ‘Leaders Operating System’.

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