Many times I come across linkedin profile statues stating that the individual is ‘Looking for the next opportunity. This defies the purpose of opportunity, and also raises a few questions. How do you find opportunity? Does opportunity find you? Is it luck?

Well let`s first define opportunity:

‘A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.’

Merriam Webster goes further to say:

‘When a person gets the chance to do something he or she wants to do’.

So opportunity is not luck, because if it is you will be able to take it when it knocks. You need to be ready when opportunjty knocks. If not, then opportunity will pass you by.

To act on opportunity, you must be flexible, open-minded, motivated, and willing to take risks. You must choose which opportunity you will take action while passing on less promising opportunities. As an active opportunity seeker, this will be your most difficult task since letting go of a good opportunity is not easy. You need to balance out your opportunities and be decisive on which ones you will pursue, which ones you will delegate, and which ones you will bypass.

As I study the future of work, I realise the importance of thinking creatively. The creative thinker sees opportunity where others do not. The pictures above shows completely stage of my life. Top right is a sugar cane boy who used to run 45 mins across a sugar can field in order to get to the beach in Mauritius, bottom left is a young infantry private in the British military who became an entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker & beyond. Each picture is a story in itself.

So after years of studying the subject, I have come to the realisation that you create opportunity- you are the opportunity, opportunity looks you in the face each and every time you get frustrated with your boss, each time you get fired, each time you are at the end of your contract. When circumstances present themselves, see the opportunity in them.

Here are a few suggestions on where you can find opporunity:

  • Crisis, problems, setbacks, and challenges. Very often a step back is followed by two steps forward. It is these setbacks that allow us to grow by exposing us to opportunities that we just did not see before.
  • Look for it and start from where you are; at your workplace, your clients and your contacts.
  • Get out and meet new people, network is networth. Is it never about who knows you, but what do they know about you.

Opportunity is all around us, it is constantly knocking but most people can`t hear it. Finding opportunity is a learned skill that can be developed with practice. One of our most interactive day at the leavers to leaders career accelerator programme is finding out the mountain of values our participants are already standing on and allow them to find their career sweet spot.

Action steps:

  • Spend one full day consciously looking for opportunity.
  • Stop feeding your mind with negative thoughts, go about your average day, but always be thinking about possible opportunities in everything you do.
  • Find ways to bring value people`s lives. In doing so, it will lift you up positively.

About me:

Myself, my whole life has been about striving in uncomfortable zone and unfamiliar territory. As a sugar cane boy born in Mauritius, I have successfully engaged & transitioned across government, military, business and the 3rd sector. Being a citizen of two commonwealth nations, an international best selling author & multi award winning British veteran, made me realise the importance of creating lasting value, where success is about significance.

I believe Environment dictates performance and you gain more Experience by Exposing yourself to new Environment.

What we do:

TriAtis leadership is a learning and development organisation operating in the UK & in Africa. We develop leaders who stand out, become relevant & highly valued by making meaningful impact to organisations. Our programme is based on the ‘Leaders Operating System’ from the best selling book ‘Leavers To Leaders’ now available in 17 countries.

Best Regards,

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About Samuel T. Reddy

Samuel T. Reddy is passionate about seeing the best in leaders. He is a visionary global leader, leadership advisor, author, researcher and an impact enterpreneur based in the United Kingdom. Samuel is a multi award winning member of the British Armed Forces, an International Bestselling author of the book Leavers To Leaders, which has reached an Amazon #1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. He is the CEO of TriAtis Global, a UK based international learning and development organisation specialising in career & leadership development in 3 continents to keep Leaders relevant, rigorous and responsive. He is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker on various topics including the ‘3 L.O.S of Leadership’ & the ‘Leaders Operating System’.

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